Water Wells

Iain Howley has been involved with the design and development of water wells for over 35 years. Whether you are a sporting facility or perhaps a manufacturing facility or anyone in fact that uses reasonable amounts of water then installing and pumping from your own borehole can offer huge financial advantages. The more mains water you use, the more you could save. It is not uncommon for the cost of the new borehole to pay for itself in the first year. There is great potential all over the UK with many areas where drilling and operating your own water well ( borehole ) can offer huge savings. For example, if you buy in your water from the utility provide ( mains water ) and your yearly irrigation programme requires perhaps 30,000m3 then depending on where you are, you could be paying over £40,000.00 pa. The same amount of water from your own groundwater supply borehole would cost only £720.00 !  With these sorts of comparisons, it isn’t difficult to see that there is a strong potential for investment in the development of a private water supply system.

If you consume no more than 20,000 litres per day, then your borehole installation process falls outside of the EA regulatory process and drilling work can proceed as soon as it is required and without the need for formal licencing. Whilst many parts of the UK have lots of groundwater available for extraction and teams can therefore fully service their entire irrigation demands, some parts of the UK whilst offering very productive groundwater flows, have Environment Agency ( EA ) restrictions in place as far as volumes allowable are concerned. There are some areas where the aquifer from which the groundwater would be drawn from is ‘closed’ to new licenses for abstractors. Even so, you are still permitted to drill your own private borehole and extract upto 20m3 of water daily free of charge ( plus minimal pumping power ). So a very usable 7300m3 of water per annum is available to part-service your irrigation needs even if the Environment Agency are designating the groundwater catchment area as a closed unit.  If your current tariff for mains water is for example £1.30/ m3 then buying in 7300m3 would cost £9,490.00 so quite a chunk of money but from your own source – the water cost nothing !

Check how much you could save with the simple calculator below & fill in the Request Call Back form on the right if you wish to learn more about what operating your own private water supply could do for you ! 

Water Wells

Kensington Palace Gardens, 1997 – Well tested at 30 litres per second


Howley Energy & Water Ltd can evaluate the potential for installation of a water well on your property. Our services include;

  • Free advice – Tell us where you are and we can assess very quickly whether you have the potential to develop your own borehole
  • Geological & hydrogeological assessment to demonstrate suitability of site for water extraction
  • Full technical document reflecting borehole design material specifications, methodology and CAD drawings etc to issue to experienced and capable drilling contractors
  • Assessment of tender returns and recommendations to the client
  • Project management including site supervision
  • On site test pumping to BS14686 standards
  • Applications to EA for all necessary Groundwater Investigation Consents where required
  • Design and specification of permanent pumping plant reflecting well performance achieved
  • Applications to EA for formal abstraction licence and permit to discharge ( where required )

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