Ground & Ocean Source Cooling Systems – Island Tourist Destinations

Ground & Ocean Source Cooling Systems - IslandTourist DestinationsThere are many reasons why we should consider implementing ground source heat exchange systems. In the UK, we have installed many large open loop systems to achieve targets set by planning regulators or to meet the ever-increasing client demand for energy efficient, low carbon buildings but in many other places in the world, there can be more pressing reasons.

There are a lot of island communities that struggle to cope with the increasing demand for electricity to power air conditioning systems etc. Many of these communities have large diesel or gas-powered generators which are costly to run and an inefficient way to generate the power required. Many islands are tourist destinations and hotel expansion is often a major part of the islands forward development and these building programmes put further strain on the islands electrical generation capability.

Whilst it is clearly important for these communities to develop new ways to generate electricity through technologies like solar and wind energy etc, an equal focus should be placed on using the energy efficiently. With the efficiencies that a ground or sea water source system can offer, this can clearly help ease the capacity situation many island communities are faced with.

Please contact us to discuss how we may be able to help with the development of ground or sea source systems in your location starting with a feasibility report to identify the technological potential for such installations and the cost and environmental benefit for the community

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