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Water is a precious resource. It can also be an expensive one for those who use lots of it for their agricultural, commercial or industrial processes. Click on the Water Wells section to see how installing and operating your own private groundwater supply can save you tens of thousands of pounds each year when compared to buying it from a mains water supplier. Use the simple calculator to compare the annual cost of borehole water verses a typical mains water supply. Depending on the volume you use, you may be astonished at the difference !

 With the UK’s natural water sources under severe pressure due to climate change and population growth, the Environment Agency are introducing drastic measures to address our declining water levels. This includes the closure of existing catchment areas ( rivers and groundwater ) to new abstractors and restricting existing users to reduced volumes. In order for seasonal users such as irrigators to overcome this issue, there may be a need to construct a very large lagoon in which to store water drawn from rivers or boreholes during the wetter seasons. There is however an alternative to consider. An Aquifer Storage & Recovery ( ASR ) system is a technique that uses harvested rainwater from the site or water extracted from the nearby water course during the winter season when the water is plentiful, and delivers it through a small treatment plant / filtration system and down into an underlying aquifer beneath the ground. The aquifer is charged with a pre-determined volume of water to service the users needs for the approaching summer season and when the water is needed, it is re-extracted via the same injection borehole. If the site is hydrogeologically suitable and it can be demonstrated to the EA that there is no negative impact towards the environment etc then this system can potentially operate despite the closed catchment policy enforced to traditional abstractors.

Groundwater can also be a precious source of supply for heating and cooling. There are many ways in which a property development team can drive down their carbon foot print on a project or comply with the ever tightening planning requirements. Technologies to achieve localised micro-generation of energy such as CHP, wind or solar can all play a part but introducing a ground source heat exchange system to compliment other technologies that generate electricity can offer so much more.

Ground source systems are an ‘efficient user’ of energy not a generator of energy and with more than 40% of a buildings energy consumption used to heat and cool it, it’s easy to see the part that ground source can play in your project.

Howley Energy & Water Ltd specialise in the development of large scale ground source heat exchange systems. We provide the experience and knowledge required to design and manage the installation of commercial and large scale domestic ground source energy systems.

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Ground Source Heating

Ground Source Heating & Cooling

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Water Wells

Water Wells

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Aquifer Storage & Recovery Systems

Aquifer Storage & Recovery Systems

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Ground & Ocean Source Cooling Systems

Ground & Ocean Source Cooling Systems

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